The strong point is that we are both a trading company and manufacturer.

Since its establishment in 1895, Yagikuma has continued to thrive, even during tumultuous times. As our company has a history stretching back over 100 years it is best to examine it in four different stages.

In the establishment period, Yagikuma started its operation to manufacture and sell Endocladiaceae as paste for silk yarn. In the transition period from 1950, Yagikuma coped with the needs in the textile industry and the times, by becoming the wholesale dealer of the paste and auxiliary agent for fiber. In the growing period from 1970, it entered the non-fiber fields and became the trading company of chemical goods. We are now in what we call our second development period (since 1991). A production department was added, and Yagikuma has advanced, becoming a fused company working both as a trading company and manufacturer. Every quarter century, Yagikuma has advanced and developed in response to the demands of the times. We are very grateful for the support of our customers.

The strong point of Yagikuma is that we can adapt to sudden changes in circumstances as we are both a trading company and manufacturer. We can make full use of the function as a trading company with the history of more than 110 years, and retrieve information and commodities via the domestic and international sales network. In addition, by utilizing the function as a manufacturer, we are able to manufacture brands and products suitable to the customers’ demands as ODM products. We also combine own brand and purchased products, exceeding the existing frameworks. We can provide service to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

We not only aim to contribute to the development of fiber-related industries as we did at our companies inception, but also to develop Yagikuma original brands and create and develop new business in cooperation with many industries to contribute to our customers and society. We want to respond to any kinds of requests from our customers as possible as we can.