Polyurethane Spandex Yarn

We have been dealing Nisshinbo Mobilon Spandex from Japan. There are mainly 3types of Mobilon Series.

【Nisshinbo Mobilon Spandex K-Type】
"Nisshinbo Mobilon" spandex, which is popular for zokki-type(3D-TYPE) pantyhose material, differs from ordinary spandex. Its soft touch, fit, comfort when worn, and stretchiness are highly evaluated. Its characteristic features of both comfort and functionality have led to a wide-ranging product line-up.

【Nisshinbo Mobilon Melting Spandex K-L Type】
Excellent reputation for Ladder-Resist pantyhoses.
Thermally adhesive Mobilon is a revolutionary spandex that has been developed through careful study of polymers with specific melt-spinning technology. Spandex is mutually fused using a thermal treatment, to elicit new functionality.
Mobilon K-L type is mainly used for pantyhoses, and offers superior ladder-proof performance. Highly regarded for its excellent thermal setting performance, offering a good balance between size and fit, which makes it easy to wear.

【Nisshinbo Mobilon Melting Spandex R-Type , R-L Type】
Not susceptible to fraying or curling!
Unstitched inner hem Nisshinbo Mobilon R type that is used for innerwear is still stretchable even after being heat-sealed, ensuring a comfortable fit. Smooth appearance as it is seamless.

Polyester Fiber, Nylon (Polyamide) Fiber, Etc.

We have been dealing several types of polyester fibers and 6nylon fibers made in Asia.
Thease fibers application is not only for fashion and also for High-tech. Industry.

For example:
 6nylon filament made by Toray : Miracosmo, Kafilarta, and Quup for panty hose, and ladys inner.
Sideria (Poly-urethane & Nylon conjugate yarn) made by KB Seiren is also for special panty hose.

2layer melting polyester filament "Bell-couple(01) made by KB Seiren is applying food industry and also filter industry.

Natural Fiber, Wool/Cotton Conjugate Yarn, Bamboo Yarn

We have been dealing several types of Natural fibers from Asia.
Especially Lunafa (Sheath: Cotton, Core- Wool) made by Kurabo is for Tights and Socks.
There are many types of special technologic natural fiber such as Spin air, Aldente by Kurabo and EKS by Toyobo.

Metallic Yarn, Lame Yarn, Metallic (Lame) Support Yarn

The yarn in a metallized yarn made of an aluminum or pure silver and resin coating on polyester film or nylon film, which is finely slit and supported with other yarn (nylon, cupura, etc.) combining high strength, softness to the touch, and a unique metallic luster, this new material is drawing attention for its ineffable futuristic gleam.

Especially 6micron Metallic yarns are very soft and costable.
Not only Metallic (Lame) slit yarns, we also supply Metallic (Lame) Support yarns.

CSY, SCY, DCY, etc.

We have been dealing Mobilon/Nylon covering yarn: "Suncomo" and "Core-Double" yarn for the knitting industry.
We could produce the special covering yarns whatever you request.

Anti-Static yarn

We have been dealing with anti-static yarn and fabric made in Japan; Belltron by KB SEIREN, Clacarbo by Kuraray and etc.
They are compounded with electric conductive carbon powder.
They have the excellent resistivity (105-7) and have been passed the global standards (JIS T-8118, EN1149-1,-2,-3,-5 and IEC61340 5-1,4-9). Anti-static yarn and fabric can be applied into many different requirements in various fields.



  • Uniform (School uniform, working wear, protective wear and etc)
  • Garment (Active sport wear, hospital wear)
  • Clean Room (Clean room wear, glove)
  • Industrial (Brush, car seat fabric, filtration fabric, conveyer belt)
  • Interior (Carpet, blanket, curtain)
  • Others (Mask, wiping cloth)


Sustainable Yarn

We have been dealing with sustainable yarn made in Japan, such as Biomass Mobilon (Spandex) and Biomass Nylon by Toray, 100% factory recycled Nylon (Polyamide) and polyester, PLA (Polylactic Acid), PBS(polybutylene succinate) and etc.
They have been passed the global standard such as GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and OECO-TEX.
Sustainable yarn can help to produce Eco-friendly products, which can be one of the important keywords in textile industry.



  • Industrial (Tea bags, non-woven fabric)
  • Pantyhose, socks
  • Fashion wear(Casual wear, sports wear)
  • Narrow fabric (Ribbon, lace, tape)


Super Engineering Plastic Yarn

We have been dealing with super engineering plastic yarn made in Japan such as Polyarylate fibers (VECTRAN by Kuraray, Zxion by KB SEIREN). We also deal with Aramid, UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene), PES fibers, etc.

Japan has the top development capability in functional yarn field, for example they are extremely strong and super elastic.
Super engineering plastic yarn can be applied in not only for special industrial usage but also in apparel wear.



  • Industrial (Brush, pile, rope, air bags, belting, fish net twines)
  • Aviation and Aerospace industry
  • Geotextile
  • Defense Fabrics, Uniform (Protective wear, hospital wear)
  • Apparel and Outdoor goods (High-tenacity, fine, and anti-ripping)