We recognize our important obligation of proper control and production of information on individuals on our business and service. To fulfill our obligations, we treat information on individuals based on the following individual information protection policy.

Observation of laws

We recognize that proper control of information on individuals is a part of compliance, and observe laws and government guidelines related to protection of individual information. In addition, we establish our company standard and rules on treatment of individual information, and make our executive officers and employees understand them.

Acquisition of individual information

If we receive the individual information, we identify the purpose of use of it, and receive it after clarifying or notifying the purpose to the person.

Use of individual information

We use the customers’ individual information for the following purposes:

  • To provide our products and service
  • To take payment procedure
  • To provide our information
  • To develop our products
  • To improve our service
  • For other proper purposes

If we need to use the individual information exceeding the above mentioned range, we obtain consent from the customer.

Control of individual information

We control the individual information received from our customers properly, and make the best efforts to prevent divulging that information, the loss of information, or incorrect description of contents.
The person in charge of control of individual information is designated to maintain and improve the control system and organization. To secure the safety of individual information, information security measures are taken to prevent illegal access, divulging of information, loss, or falsification.

Provision to a third party

We will not provide or disclose the individual information to a third party without prior consent except when legal demand is issued. If it is necessary to provide the individual information to the third party unauthorized by the customer, we will provide it after obtaining consent from the customer.

Inquiry from customers

If we are requested to disclose, correct or stop the use of the individual information from a customer, we respond to it promptly. To prevent divulging of information by illegal request of disclosure, we will identify the customer by proper methods.

Contact window of individual information

We set up a contact window on treatment of individual information, and respond to inquiries from customers promptly.

For inquiry on individual information, use the inquiry form or call the following.
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