Plastic Heald for Weaving Machine(KY Plastic Heald)

KY plastic heald is the resin heald used for water jet loom and air jet loom. Compared to the current metal heald, the weight can be reduced and durability can be improved, contributing to the textile quality improvement.

【Features of KY plastic heald】
Special plastic is used to obtain high abrasion resistance. It is manufactured in our plant in Fukui (ISO9001/14001 certified) and the quality is high. Because it is light-weight, electric consumption and noise can be reduced, extending the life of the machine and parts.

(Measured at Fukui prefectural industrial technical center)
High durability
The plastic flexibility can improve the weaving efficiency and textile quality.

Cloth Heater for Water Jet rooms(Cera-Parne)

Cera-Parne is the textile drier for water jet looms. It is the panel ceramic heating body with high far-infrared ray emissivity utilizing our original ceramic oxide and sintering technique. Even temperature distribution on the surface attracts attention as a new heat source in many industrial fields. Raw fabric woven using the water jet loom contains much water, causing troubles such as shrinkage, molds, discoloration, and change of properties as time advances. If Cera-Parme is used, the textile is dried soon after weaving. Complicated processes are not required. The cost can be reduced, and the processes can be rationalized.

【Features of Cera-Parne】
Because the radiation heat of the far-infrared ray is used like a panel, the energy cost can be reduced. The drying condition can be easily controlled depending on the textile type (raw yarn type, textile system, etc.) and weaving speed.

Because the heat zone has the panel-like shape, the heating body temperature is low and the drying process is very safe. The large-sized drying equipment is not required. The equipment cost can be reduced, and the space in the plant can be saved. The transfer and rewinding operations are not required, saving labor and improving the operation efficiency.

Smooth Yarn Releaser(Tension Ring)

The tension ring is used to prevent looseness when the yarn is released and to stabilize the tension, improving the product quality and operation efficiency.

[Features of tension ring]
The current extra preparations are not required, and yarns can be set easily.
The release tension can be stabilized regardless of the yarn winding diameter.
Troubles of various raw yarns (twisted yarn, processed yarn, special yarn) can be prevented.

The ring can be attached to various creel stands and weft stands.
The product quality can be improved by obtaining stable release tension and preventing releasing problems.

Textile Products,Industrial Machine, Chemical, etc.

We introduce the state-of-the-art chemical raw materials, textile products, and industrial machines among from many highly value-added products made in Japan to the world markets.

For Example:
Poly Vinyl Alcohol,
Waxing Chemical for weaving
Ladder Resist Panty Hose,
Heat Pipe,
Diaphragm pump