TOPPRODUCT GUIDEThermoplastic Polyurethane Elastome

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastome

Nisshinbo Mobilon Tape

100% thermoplastic polyurethane NISSHINBO MOBILON TAPE has been developed by low-hardness resin by NISSHINBO's unique technology.

Highly elastic and transparent products are suitable for tapes in reinforcing cut and sewn knit clothing and for stretch tapes for garments; colored products are also being developed for various uses.
It does not contain harmful substances (formalin, sulfur, etc.) and is suited to the Food Sanitation Law.

Since it does not contain a plasticizer, it rarely causes allergic symptoms and can be used without anxiety.
Higher durability than rubber.

Nisshinbo Mobilon Band

100% thermoplastic polyurethane NISSHINBO MOBILON BAND is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and processed into the shape of ring by NISSHINBO's state of the art technique of extrusion.

Superior elasticity and soft fastening force due to our original polyurethane elastomer synthesis.
Far much thinner and stronger than the same size band of natural rubber.
Superior durability for a long time, especially against for Oil and UV ray.
Clear (Transparent) and Colorful.

Natural Latex free and Sulfur free. Non plasticizer and Non heavy metals.
Conformed to the Japanese Food and Sanitation Law and RoHS Directive.

Nisshinbo Mobilon Code

100% thermoplastic polyurethane NISSHINBO MOBILON CORD is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) into cord shape by the technique of extrusion molding developed through NISSHINBO's unique technology. It is far higher resistance to weatherability and abrasion than rubber.
ApplicationFishing line ・ Accessory cords Sports gear ・ Toys ・ Miscellaneous goods Others

Nisshinbo Mobilon Film

100% thermoplastic polyurethane NISSHINBO MOBILON FILM is thermoplastic polyurethane film manufactured by the technique of T-dies extrusion.

Ether type : highly resistant to water
Ester type : highly resistant to oil
Hot-melt type : heat welding
Non-yellow and Anti-yellow type : excellent resistance to yellowish

Nisshinbo Mobilon Sealing tape

NISSHINBO SEALING TAPE is using the hotmelt made of polyurethane. It is used for stitch point of waterproof garment.

Low melt viscosity and high adhesive strength.
Adhesive layer is film type cause uniformed adhesion.
Soft and superior elasticity also it can original finishing condition.
Superior resistance against washing and dry-cleaning.

It use non-solvent type hotmelt film.
Application :Mountain Wear ・ Fishing Wear ・ Marine Wear ・ Skiwear ・ Rainwear Wet/drysuits ・ Tents ・ Others